Tommy Reilly @ The Brixton Windmill

I hate reality TV programmes and I am not the biggest fan of the X factor but a few months ago on a Sunday whilst painting the living room, I had left Channel 4 on in the background after my weekend dose of Hollyoaks when Orange Unsigned came on. I have never watched the programme before so didn't really pay much attention to it. Then I heard this guy start to sing and myself and PM both turned round to the TV and were captivated. I had goose bumps. The guy in question was called Tommy Reilly. A nineteen year old Glaswegian who had gone to the open auditions. Jo Whiley and the other judge were not going to put him through but they changed their minds and I am glad they did as on Monday I got to go and see Tommy at the Brixton Windmill.

And he was amazing! Apart from the fact this guy writes fantastic lyrics that you can easily relate to, he also has a back up career as a stand up comedian. His banter with the crowd was fantastic and he made sure he filled the gaps when tuning his guitar so the crowd were entertained for the whole of his hour set. And for one guy and an acoustic guitar, he can certainly make a lot of noise. If he ever performs with a band it must be absolutely deafening.

My highlight of the evening was during his performance of Gimme a Call, the song he has performed a few times on Orange Unsigned. When he reached the chorus almost everyone in the crowd sang the words back to him. He seemed genuinely surprised that people knew his lyrics. But then I guess that just goes to show how many people already love his music and he has only made it as far as the semi finals so far.

I really hope he wins as he is the first act in a long time I have got excited about. I am already looking forward to buying his album. I recommend checking out the following songs as I honestly think this guy is going to be huge.

Gimme a Call
I Don't Like Coffee
Mr Brightside (Covers Week on Orange Unsigned)

You may love him, you may hate him. Comment and let me know as I am intrigued to know what everyone else thinks.


  1. Anonymous10:47 am

    He was amazing!!!!!!! Can't wait to go see him play again - am a big fan already!


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