3 Year Anniversary

PM and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday. As he had been in Manchester for the weekend all the details I had was to meet him at Limehouse DLR Station at 6.15pm (later changed to 7.25pm so PM could finish watching the Sunderland V Newcastle game in Manchester and get a later train).

So with snow already falling, I headed off to Limehouse. The snow was already a fair few centimetres deep by the time I got to Limehouse. We wandered past the Rotherhithe Tunnel and onto a new modern housing estate to a square with a couple of restaurants.

PM had booked a table at La Figa, a little Italian restaurant. PM had steak cooked with rosemary, garlic and rocket while I opted for four cheese gnocchi. The portion sizes where amazing. I couldn't finish mine despite hardly eating anything all day. It was a great little place and I definitely recommend it to all. Great value for money and nice!

Afterwards we walked back to the station in the even thicker snow and then home in the untouched snow in the Royal Arsenal.


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