Band Quest 2009

Sunday night myself and Tadders went along to Band Quest at OHM in Bexleyheath to tick off 'Gig' on our list.

It was Heat One of the Alternative Category and featured three acts:

Jeremy Ayre
Live Politics

Jeremy Ayre was up first. On the night he was missing his drummer although I didn't catch why. He played a melodic acoustic set with the occasional punk overtones which caused us to sit up and take notice.

Dayfall were next on. Having heard their sound check, we thought we were going to be treated to some heavy rock but instead it was more indie. They reminded me of Pixies which isn't a bad thing and despite the fact I wasn't that taken with them, of all the acts that performed one of their songs has stuck in my head.

Last up were Live Politics who certainly had the biggest fan base at the event. Of all the act these guys were the most polished. Their style was firmly set in commercial indie but it sounded good. They got the crowd going and ended with a sing along.

After Live Politics had finished we were asked to cast our votes. Sadly due to the low attendance it was pretty obvious who was going to win. To cast your vote you had to place each of the bands either 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Live Politics stormed the polls with everyone who voted placing them first. Congratulations to them.

If you are interested in popping along to any of the Band Quest heats, check out the Rock Matrix website for more details.


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