Challenge Update

One down - Nine to go!

Detox Challenge - Monday saw the end of the detox challenge. Not a drop of alcohol passed my lips in a whole month. I don't intend to drink until Friday when I have a meeting in a wine bar and celebratory drink for my friend Natalie's little girl Catlin as she celebrates her 1st birthday. But its one challenge completed!!

Sweet Detox - The sugar cravings are being replaced by salt cravings! Salted pretzels are cheap in Holland and Barrett. And they are tasty. Also craving Marmite Rice Cakes.

Challenges Challenge - This year Race for Life at Blackheath is allowing competitors a choice of 5km or 10km event. Therefore this year I am going to do the 10km instead of 5km. I always feel the 5km is too short. Once the snow has cleared and the pavements are not made of ice, I shall resume my riverside runs! I have also been forwarded a very useful website for mapping runs. Check out Run Finder. It even tells you how long the route is.

Training Contract Challenge - I am hoping to book a few days off this month in order to get some applications in. I have been disappointed at how busy I have been at work and how tired I have felt not only in the evenings but also at the weekend as a result. But I will get as many done as possible on my few days off.

Blog Updates - This is my 100th post to the blog! I have certainly done well in January updating as often as possible. Hopefully I can keep finding things to write about!

The List - Been somewhere of historical importance this month but no gigs lined up. Anyone got any tips for good new up and coming bands in a spit and sawdust gig venue?


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