Challenge Update

Weight Challenge - Well this challenge has certainly started well this year. When I had my medical last year to registered with the local Doctor I recorded a weight of 67.3kg. Yesterday when I popped in to get a new Asthma inhaler I was pleased to tell them my current weight was 64.2kg.

So since the start of this year I have now lost 2.8kg. I am pretty pleased with that.

But now I have a dilemma. At the weekend for my tomb raider outfit I need to get some shorts to complete the look. The only pair I could find were a size 10 and to my surprise not only did they fit, they were not even snug. Of the back of that I have now tried on a few of my Size 10 clothes from the days I was skinner and I am already starting to fit into some of them again.

Now for the dilemma - another of my challenges is to reduce my debt but now I potentially will need to buy some clothes that fit. My jeans are ok at the moment but I have had to go up a belt notch to hold them up but tops are fine as I haven't lost any weight from my chest. But I need to think about the fact that I may well need to buy some new clothes in the not too distant future as clothes I have become too big. So I feel I need a list of essential items to replace for now until my debt is reduced enough that I can buy a few more things. Items I feel are essential are:

Combats (my favourite combats have been big on my for a while - now they swamp me)
Bikini bottoms (I can't see that I will need new tops but I don't fancy going down a slide in a swimming pool or diving into a pool only for my bottoms to be left floating on the top)
Summer shorts (annoyingly I only bought some last year that still have the tags on but I think they may be a bit too big now)

Hopefully that will tide me over until a time where I have cash. Luckily I have some trousers from my Size 10 days to survive on until a time I have cash.


  1. Anonymous11:54 am

    I know the feeling - I too have been replacing clothes. Still pretty good, though, isn't it?

    Oh, and hello from a Box Room listener. ;-)

  2. Well if you are replacing them because you are losing weight rather than putting on it is a good thing.

    Yay to Box Room!! I'm dead chuffed Marty and Jen mentioned the blog and people have been checking it out. I like to think I am not writing in vein.


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