Challenge Update

I'll keep it short and sweet this week.

Weight - now down to 63.8kg. Total weight loss so far 3.2kg.

Debt - Still plugging away. Total debt is now down to £12,467.35. That's a total of £1,010.10 off so far.

Sweet Detox - Almost two months down. I'm starting to enjoy finding alternatives to processed sugar. There isn't much out there but kitchen experimentation is always fun! My favourite so far are my apple and cinnamon pancakes.

Training Contracts - I have booked some time off work to spend some time sending out applications this week. Fingers crossed it is worthwhile.

The List - Last month we ticked all the boxes. This month we only need to go to a gig and then that is all done too.

Challenges - This year Race for Life are running two runs in Blackheath - a 5k and a 10k. As I have the half marathon planned for September it made sense to me to sign up for another 10k. So I am currently entered for 3 events.

All in all the challenges are going well!


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