Girls Night In Number 3 plus a first birthday.

Friday 6th February saw our third girls night in for the year. The alcohol detox was over so I got public transport round to Natalie's but I wish I had driven. I met Claire at 7.40pm but by 8.25pm the bus still hadn't turned up. We were rescued by Louise who kindly picked us up. My trousers were soaked by the time we arrived due to the sleet and wet ground.

But lets not detract from the evening. We gathered to celebrate Caitlin, Natalie's youngest, 1st Birthday. The birthday girl and older sister Leila seemed to have a brilliant time with grapes, sweets and chocolate fingers on offer. Caitlin also enjoyed opening her presents!

Louise with the Birthday Girl.

The zebra was our present to little Catlin. She seemed more interested in the label though. It was thoroughly chewed by the end of the night.


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