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As part of the New Year Challenges I wanted to have some long term goals to achieve over the year. To recap they are; be able to have a basic conversation in Spanish, refresh my French, learn to knit, learn to use a sewing machine and learn a musical instrument.

So this weekend I called in the big guns to help me with the knitting and sewing element - Mum.

I often pop round my mum's and find her sitting on the sofa knitting something. I have benefited from many of her creations over the years from jumpers to hats to soft toys. So who better to teach me.

Mum, bless her, has tried on numerous occasions to try and teach me how to knit but up until recently I have not really been interested in learning. Before this weekend she had come round to the flat in Streatham and showed me how to do it but I failed to keep it up when we moved due to DIY taking over my spare time.

So armed with a couple of balls of wool and a number of folders containing patterns that last saw the light of day in the 80's (but are all now back in fashion which is an added bonus!) we sat down and practiced knitting. We started with some small and easy - Innocent Bobble Hats for their Big Knit drive. It took a while but eventually I managed to produce this:

I am currently on my way to completing my first solo effort hat. Next I am going to try knitted animals and then I think I may be able to move onto clothes.

Sadly we ran out of time to make a start on the sewing machine but Mum kindly left it with me along with the instruction manual so the next free weekend I have will be spent getting to grips with it. I have an old sheet to experiment on and some ideas of what to make.

I'll post photos of any creations I make. Fingers crossed that by the end of the year I will be able to make my winter wardrobe!


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