Challenge Update

Another quick update:

Training Contracts: I have made a start on my applications. I have identified the companies I will be making my initial applications to and made a start on compiling information on the various different companies. Still a way to go yet.

List: Another month completed. March is already planned and some events for later in the year are also in the pipeline.

Weight: My weight crept up a tiny bit this in the last week to 64.4kg. A lot of this I feel is due to the fact I have stopped going to Body Pump as I am going to Back Classes at the hospital and also due to a busy work schedule in the past two weeks I have not been able to go as often as I would like and therefore have not undertaken much cardio work. Next week though I am hoping to cycle to work at least once. I am going to need to start cycling training soon because..

Challenges: I have signed up for the London to Brighton bike ride. PM is not sure he has a place at the moment which is annoying as we wanted to do it together.

Sweet Detox: As I realised my birthday was before the three month deadline, I took the decision to complete my three month stint after my birthday so I could have a clear run at it. Although I had a creme brule at the wedding I was at over the weekend, I didn't feel too bad as I knew I wasn't going to make the three months anyway. But I am finding I am still avoiding sugar anyway. It's almost become ingrained into my thinking. That can only be a good thing.


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