Live Music at The Water Rats

Last night Tadders and I headed down to the Water Rats in Kings Cross to see both Rosalita and The Rapscallions. Sarah recommended Rosalita and The Rapscallions were my tip as the band contains two lads I went to school with who I've been promising for ages I would come and see perform.

For £6 is was a value for money night as we got to see four bands in total. So here is my brief review of the evening. I would like to apologise in advance for the quality of the photos. I need to work out how to take better photos in the dark without the flash!

The first thing to strike me about this band was the lead singer. Although he looked like a cross between Johnny Borrell of Razorlight and Hamburglar of McDonalds fame, he still had the sex appeal and charisma that you want in a front man. The rest of the band were a mis-match of styles but I found this worked well rather than against them. In terms of their music, I personally loved it. The vocals reminded me of a mixture of The Clash and The Specials whereas the music was a pleasant blend of Madness, Sex Pistols and Adam and the Ants. I recommend checking out What Would Your Mother Say and Manga Girl.

Cape Fear

Second band of the night and my least favourite. Sounded very stadium rock-esq. The lead singer looked like he was trying to style himself on Caleb Followill from Kings of Leon but not as sexy. Sadly none of their songs stood out for me.

Any bands reading this blog entry - when you perform PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE say who you are clearly so those of us who like you can check you out.

I enjoyed this band. Very upbeat from the start and got the crowd going. Their attire was interesting to say the least with one guitarist wear a t-shirt and boxers, the other guitarist wearing short shorts with knee high socks and the drummer was sporting an impressive bra. If anyone has any idea who this band is - please let me know!

The Rapscallions
These two lovely lads are old school friends of mine - Dan Churchill and Reece Mclaughlin. I bumped into Dan a few years ago and he gave me The Rapscallions first EP to check out. It was brilliant and for ages I have been promising to go and see them live. I was really pleased to finally see them yesterday. They have been worth the wait.

They describe themselves as post punk/psychobilly/ska and I wholeheartedly agree with that description. They have quite a quirky style and I was impressed with Reece's beard. My favourite songs from the night would be Whiskey Joint, Revolting Bar Stewards and Great Swines Drink Alike. They have a new EP out on Monday which you can buy from Rough Trade. Click Here to buy it.

I also loved the fact they had a burlesque style dancer for the final song!


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