As Matt was over from Jersey on Sunday evening, we decided to head up to the Hare and Billet pub in Blackheath for their Sunday Night pub quiz.

Joined by Matt's friends Bonnie and Olly, we hoped our combined general knowledge and useless knowledge would see us through to victory.

We started well with 9 out of 10 on movie posters. And then it was onto the main event. My daily routine of reading the BBC news website came in handy as I knew a problem that was reported on a recent shuttle launch was down to a bat clinging to one of the fuel tanks. It also helped answer the next three questions on Jade Goody including the name of her perfume.

Unfortunately we did loose a few points in relation to largest airports in the world, and shamefully music lyrics (admittedly it was a Britney Spears song but I should have known it).

Overall we finished 3rd which meant we got most of our £2 entry fee back. We spent the winnings on some fish 'n' chips on the way home.


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