Roses Tavern

Our plans on Saturday were cancelled at the last minute so PM and I decided to head out to the only pub in Woolwich (bar the Weatherspoons) which is mentioned in the Good Beer Guide.

I appreciate that the phrase decent pub in Woolwich comes across as an oxymoron but one truly does exist.

The write up in the Good Beer Guide describes Roses Tavern as a unwelcoming place from the outside but the inside is the opposite. They are not wrong. On Hare Street, towards the Waterfront Swimming Centre, tucked behind the Mermaid Cafe, you could easily miss this gem. The exterior is as described in the GBG and sadly comes across as a place you would want to avoid but walk in and the atmosphere is completely different.

First and foremost, when we walked to the bar and started looking at the pumps, rather than a hostile welcome from the barmaid, she proceeded to tell us all about the different beers they had on, offered us a taste, and told us of their policy never to have the same beer on twice as the regulars like some variety. Already it was off to a good start.

I opted for a ginger beer which was gorgeous while PM went for an IPA. Later on I had a beer called Matrix which reminded me of Fullers Discovery so certainly not a bad thing.

A few games of darts later and we left to get home for Match of the Day. This is certainly a place I will be going back to again and again. Of all the pubs we have visited in Woolwich so far this is by far the best.

Just reading the Beer in the Evening review. I am saddened to read that the pub may not exist in the future as it is likely to form part of the planned redevelopment of the Woolwich Triangle. That really would be a shame as its a lovely pub. Hopefully the developers would be nice enough to give them a new home. After all every town needs a decent pub!


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