Stars and Sons

Andy P has been raving on about his little brother Stu's band for months now and on Friday I finally got a chance to see Stars and Sons.

Tadders and I headed down to Bar Music Hall in Old Street/Hoxton for Filthy Few. A free entry night with a number of bands on the bill.

First and foremost - the venue. It was quite an expansive place with a central bar hub. The stage was off to the back on the right. The place was full of your typical London Trendies and which resulted in the high prices that these 'super cool' hang outs command. I'm sorry but £3.70 for a pint of non-branded tasteless lager is excessive. But as Tadders and I agreed, it probably would have been just as expensive to have drunk soft drinks.

So more importantly - the Band. Stars and Sons. They have already been played on 6 Music and Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 and its easy to see why. Catchy indie tunes which you can throw yourself around to, a fantastic polished performance and fantastic stage presence which you want from a band.

Favourite song would have to be In the Ocean. It's everything a good indie-pop song should be. Great riffs, catchy lyrics and it climbs into your head and stages a sit-in protest to ensure you never forget it.

I think these guys are definitely ones to watch.


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