Ben's Birthday

My friend Ben and I share the same birthday so we always pick different weekends to have our birthday celebrations. So this weekend Ben had his celebrations while mine are scheduled for later this month.

We started the day off by meeting at Ben's and watching the Grand National (I have no idea why we watched this as none of us were taking part in a sweep stake). Afterwards we got out the Wii Fit and depressed ourselves by finding our Wii ages. I won't be mean to my friends by publishing their results on here but mine came out as 38! Ten years older! I was miffed at that but happy as the scales said I was just over 62kg (which I have now confirmed at the gym - 62.4kg).

After we all felt relatively pleased with our weigh ins, we headed to Chatham town centre to Rendezvous, a Chinese restaurant. We opted for the all you can eat menu which was easier for the boys to manage than the girls. The food was very good and certainly set us up for the rest of the night. After finishing our mains myself, Tadders, Nicola and Dan ordered a cup of tea and were intrigued by the mugs that arrived! Dan got the best one.

Not long after the tea mugs, the manager of the restaurant came out with a set of bagpipes and a cake and proceeded to play Happy Birthday.

Following our bizarre dining experience we headed to the Tap N Tin to see The Rumble Strips and to dance. I saw The Rumble Strips back in 2007 at the xfm big night out. I still think they are really good! Seeing them also helped towards April's list challenge. We are seeing Tommy Reilly again on the 14th but as we saw him for January we felt we needed to see another band for the April challenge.

Unlike last year at the Tap 'N' Tin, this year the main hall was cluttered with tables and no DJ's playing indie and electro hits could be seen. We headed up to the Metal room but I think I was the only person enjoying it so we made camp in the top room which was playing 80's cheese.
Happy Birthday Ben!


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