Birthday Bash 2009

I haven't got much to say about this due to the fact that I am struggling today. All I will say is the best part of a bottle of Sailor Jerry, 3 Jagerbombs and a cocktail called Jelly Baby. Needless to say in was a messy night in Greenwich. I shall let the photos do the talking!

There is not much else you can do on a bus when it's stuck in traffic apart from have a pre-drink nap.

I always forget I shouldn't wear my heels when Hannah is out.

RAH! You are a tiger.

No drinking session would be complete without some drunken wrestling.

A sensible photo of the girls.

Oh dear - does look like the alcohol had got the better of me.

But it was merely appreciation for my handbag. It comfortably fitted my flats and my heels so I could swap at the appropriate moments.

And despite everything and waking with a monster hangover, I still managed to cook breakfast for 6!


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