The Boat that Rocked

On Wednesday as a birthday treat from Mum she took me to the cinema to see The Boat that Rocked.

As it was a Richard Curtis film I was expecting it to have an elaborate love story which would be the main plot line of the film. As the film rolled on I was trying to figure out what the love story was and as the film came to a close I realised there wasn't a love story at the centre of the plot. The plot was an interpretation of real life events in relation to Pirate Radio in the 60's.

My mum who was a teenager at the time the likes of Radio Caroline where around, loved the film as she could really identify with many of the thing that were going on. I appreciated it knowing the history but failed to relate in the same way as my mum did.

Honest opinion - the film isn't bad but if you go expect a typical Richard Curtis Romantic Comedy you will be disappointed. If you want to see an amusing interpretation of something that actually happened you will love it!


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