A Day to Celebrate

Its the Easter Weekend and on Good Friday my friend Michael turned 28 as well. So on Saturday I headed down to Greenwich for some day drinking.

We started off in The Spanish Gallion so the boys could watch the Liverpool V Blackburn game before moving on to The Gypsy Moth. I was disappointed upon arrival as they had run out of Fruli. This left me in a 'what drink to have' dilemma. I started on the Brothers Strawberry Cider before moving onto Sailor Jerry and diet coke.

In the Gypsy Moth, Michael's friend James showed us his push up abilities and Michael made a point of showing off just how girly his shirt was.

After popping home for a few hours to see Doctor Who, I then jumped on a bus to Bexleyheath to help Steve and Emma celebrate their engagement at the Martin Dene Tennis Club. Sadly I have no photos but the evening was a blast with so many people I haven't seen in years. Its always nice to have a catch up.

So Happy Belated Birthday to Michael and Congratulations to Emma and Steve.


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