The Gondoliers

The last day of the month and Tadders and I just managed to squeeze in a play, well an opera to be precise to complete this month's list challenge.

So last night we headed down to Erith Playhouse to watch the Erith Operatic Society perform Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers.

I spent a large part of the evening trying to figure out where I knew the two lead characters from. I either went to school with them or they used to drink in the Golden Lion when I worked there.

As for the play, it was very good and amusing. Some of the voices that came from the cast were surprising and amazing. The cast worked well together but my only gripe was that the society clearly didn't have enough young people in the company to ensure the characters were played by people of the age they should have been but this didn't ruin my enjoyment of the play.

From what I have been told, the society only perform one play a year which is a shame as I would love to go and see them again. I will keep an eye out for what they do next and let you all know as I personally think its worth while going and seeing them.


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