No Good, Start the Dance

On Friday I went to probably the best gig I have ever been to. No seriously! Even better than Muse. Now why you pick yourselves up after reading that I will explain why.

Due to a friend booking flights on Friday she had two spare tickets to see the Prodigy at Wembley Arena so myself and my friend Mike took them off her hands.

Prodigy's Jilted Generation was one of the first albums I remember having. It was a copy a friend did for me and I played it to death. I also had No Good Start the Dance and One Love cassette singles (very old school!) which also were destroyed by overplaying. I eventually replaced the album with the CD and also bought Experience (the first album) and Fat of the Land. I love each of them for different reasons. I was so keen on the album before the latest one as this was a Liam Howlett solo effort and was missing a lot of the edge of the previous ones. But on hearing Omen from the latest album, Invaders Must Die, I was expecting great things.

And I wasn't disappointed. But first and foremost - Dizzie Rascal was supporting.

I forgot how many songs he has done! But the stand out track was his latest - Bonkers. It had everyone up dancing and when the bass line kicked in, everyone went mad.

Following Dizzee we were treated to a DJ set by Kissy Sell Out. The track that stuck in my head was a mash up of SL2's On a Ragga Tip and EMF's You're Unbelievable.

When The Prodigy took to the stage I have never seen the whole of Wembley Arena jump to their feet, including those of us in the seated areas. And it didn't stop! No one sat down. The dancing was endless.

Omen was the first sing along song and the noise was deafening. Or at least I thought it was until some of the bigger tracks came on. Their Law was also great but the biggest one for me was Smack My Bitch Up.

The heat in the arena was immense. I have been to some really small intimate gigs that have not been that bad. Half way through my vest was drenched in sweat. The mosh pit was filled with half naked men and women dancing in their bras.

They ended the set with Outta Space which went down a storm but when the house lights came on they were met with boos from the crowd who wanted to dance more. A fair few songs were noticeably missing from the set including the title of this blog which was a disappointment but all in all I cannot believe I have not seen Prodigy perform live before now. They were amazing. I can't wait to see them again.


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