Sing for Absolution

Tuesday was a packed day.

We had a team building day at work. The morning was filled with brainstorming but after lunch we had some fun time.

We boarded a Thames Clipper down to the O2. A cheesy tourist pic for you all:

And this one that amused us all:

On arrival at the O2 we went to the British Music Experience. Although I went last month it was great to go again as it gave me the opportunity to do the things that I hadn't done the last time I went such as the Dancing Booth and the Gibson Room where I had a quick tutorial in how to play guitar.

Afterwards we headed up to Leicester Square to K-Box for some karaoke. It took a while but the boys eventually got into it.

Myself and Tadders had to shoot off eventually as we had tickets to see Tommy Reilly at the Borderline.

It seemed a shorter set than at the Windmill but it was a much more polished performance. Clearly a record deal with a major label has its perks - Tommy now has a guitar technician called Keith and a drummer whose name I can't remember (far too much rum and coke by that point).

We also got some free vinyl at the gig.


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