10K Prep

Its not long now until the BUPA 10000. This week I have been attempting to get my fitness levels up and ensure my body is ready for the task by stocking up on carbs via pasta intakes.

The only snag I have hit is my back playing up. This is my own fault as due to business at work I haven't been to yoga or pilates for a while and it is showing in my core strength. I am not sure if this can be remedied by Monday but I will try my hardest to make sure it is.

Time wise, I seem to be running around the hour mark which is good. I think the weather will play an important factor on Monday as to what time I can achieve. If the wind is anything like it was at the weekend I could be struggling but hopefully it will be fine.

So its back down the gym tonight for some cardio work and ab strengthening exercises.

And just an aside - I am running low on charity donations so if you can spare a couple of quid, please donate at the Urban Fox Challenge page by clicking here.


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