The Joy of Shopping!

The tax man kindly gave me back what I was overcharged last month this month which meant I could finally treat myself to some nice new bits!
My first purchase was a bit of an impulse buy. I had headed round to mum's briefly Saturday morning and on the way back decided to pop into the skate shop in Erith to get an idea of what was on offer. Half an hour later and I was the proud owner of a new set of quad skates! This does go some way to helping tick off one of the 28 things to do before I turn 35. All I need to do now is get good again!

After the thrill of buying some skates I headed up to Camden to meet Tadders to go in search of a corset for a Gothic Ball I am attending on Friday. I did have a corset for the Venetian style ball I went to on New Year but where I have lost weight since New Year the one I had was too big!

I ended up buying two corsets - one for the ball from a shop called Burleska and one to go out in generally. I also bought a skirt for the ball and some shoes. The shoes make me a giant!

In addition to all this, I also bought this lovely moonstone ring and this strange plastic one which I love!

Now for some slightly more observant stuff. I haven't been to Camden to shop for about 4 years. I got fed up with it for one reason or another. But I have to say I love what they have done with the place!

The Stables Market has been re-vamped and where Cyberdog once was is now a maze of various stalls. But Cyberdog fans don't despair - it's now bigger and better! Tadders and I didn't want to leave. We wanted to stay and dance along with the girls in the cages (yes they have caged dancers now too).

But for me the biggest change was the Lock Market. Last year the Lock Market made the headlines as a blaze tore through the market destroying most of it along with many adjacent buildings including the infamous Hawley Arms. They have done a great job of re-inventing the place. There are so many more stores now and lots of food places. My favourite feature is the seating - made from old Lambretta Scooters! They are brilliant! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo as it was raining but I do recommend going up there and checking it out for yourself!


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