No Money and training Makes the Urban Fox Rather Dull

I wish I could say that the reason the blog has been so quiet this week is down to the fact that I have been too busy to update but sadly the opposite is very much the case.

It reached that horrible point in the pay month where there is very little money left so in order to conserve what money I have, staying in has been the new going out for me.

I am now quite well versed in Britains Got Talent, watched and listened to a number of football games (I would have been happier about that if the Gunners hadn't been knocked out the Champions League), and culling my wardrobe for stuff to sell on eBay.

Conclusion - no wonder I am in debt! I have bought so much stuff that just isn't me. And I have no idea why I bloody bought it. I am clearly really bad at impulse buying. Given that I would classify my style as tomboy, slightly gothic, punk-rock chick with a dash of beach babe in the summer I have no idea why I would even think to buy some of the items I am now getting rid of.

For instance - anything in Pink. Why oh Why would I ever buy something in pink? And baby pink at that! Shocking pink is slightly more acceptable.

So at the moment I am having a listing frenzy on eBay to try and raise some money from the pointless purchases I have made. It is even worse when you find stuff that still has the tags on and you really wonder why on earth you bought it!

My conclusion as to why I have so much stuff I hate is down to the fact that I am impatient. Rather than save for something I really want I tend to spend money on lots of things I am not overly keen on but just want the thrill of buying something. This in turn has got me thinking about my procrastination task - do I procrastinate or do I just get impatient and can't be bothered to finish something as I don't become good at it overnight?

I am starting to think it is perhaps more the latter.

How do you become more patient though? I have always had a bull in a china shop approach to most things and wonder if it is possible to change a habit of a lifetime.

Answers on a postcard please.


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