Walpurgis Night

Friday night was time for all things Gothic as myself and my friend Chris hit London Bridge's SE1 for The Last Tuesday Society's Walpurgis Night.

I got all corseted up for night

but Chris out-did me on the outfit front

We started the night off with a lecture on Necropolis: London and Its Dead which was an interesting insight into cemeteries around London.

We then moved onto some life drawing

There was a medieval feast complete with real pigs head

Chris took part in some pole dancing

While I constructed a super glider

Band wise there was plenty on offer but my favourite of the night was The Trans-Siberian Marching Band.

All in all it was an amazing night. I managed a staggering 7 hours in the killer heels. Chris and I finally got back to the house at 5am - 24 hours since I had woken up the morning before. Not that I am complaining. I just hope my legs have recovered in time for Monday.


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