Greenwich Market

I read on The Greenwich Phantom and on 853 that the plans to redevelop Greenwich market have been given the go ahead.

Although I am no longer a Greenwich resident I find it very sad these plans have been approved.

I love Greenwich Market but I love it as it is. The food court (which I read is now no more), the little shops selling knick knacks and the fantastic stalls which have served me well for Christmas presents.

I have read about similar developments in Spitalfields Market which has ripped the soul from the place (although I cannot comment as a matter of fact as I have never been to Spitalfields). Whether this is true or not I hope this will not be the fate of Greenwich Market. The vibe and the uniqueness of the market is what makes it great.

I was always dubious when Camden Market was 'renovated' and the glass structure added. The first time I went I hated it as it felt like the essence of the market had been eroded but it now fits in nicely with the surround and the work done on the stables market has definitely been a change for the better.

My only hope is the development of Greenwich Market goes the same was as Camden and only improves what is already an amazing market.


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