New Year Aims for Urban Fox

Hello all.

It has been a while since I even looked at my blog and notice that my 'things to do before I am 35' needs updating! Some are completed. Some are perhaps not really relevant anymore but none the less I will update at some point.

In the meantime for 2011 I have set myself 12 New Year Aims instead of resolutions. I promise I will actually chart my progress on the blog.

1. Loose half a stone or get down to 61kg

This actually fits in with one of the 28 but after an injured knee following the Run to the Beat half marathon and back problems preventing me from running and generally exercising to the extent I would like, my weight has gone up a little from 62.4kg which was the last time I checked into the blog to 64kg.

I start physio at the end of January so I aim to really start chipping away at the weight soon. Already since Christmas, a healthy eating plan is making a difference to my waist line.

2. Get a New Job

I need a new challenge and I need more money. I don't think I need to elaborate more!

3. List the pile of clothes and accessories on my floor on eBay

It is an ever increasing pile but it is smaller than it once was. I am moving by the end of January and I don't want this pile to be taking up space in my new place so it needs to go!

4. Throw an Awesome 30th Birthday Party

I turn 30 this year so pretty self explanatory.

5. Pay off my Graduate Loan

I am really starting to get there with my debt and I am close to paying off the Graduate loan so the sooner I can get that paid off the better.

6. Regularly running between 5k and 10k each week

As stated above, injury has hampered my running lately but I am keen to get back into it as soon as possible.

7. Learn to knit and knit a scarf for my other half

I've promised Andy (the new man in my life) a scarf as I borrowed one of his and someone on the train took it. First things first, I need to learn how to knit.

8. Save up enough for a holiday

This may seem a little lame but when you are moving house, moving job, paying off debt and trying to loose weight by eating healthily, saving is not necessarily an easy task. Hopefully if Aim 2 is completed sooner rather than later this should be more achievable.

9. Complete an application and submit it to run the London Marathon for Cancer Research

Every year I start one, every year I don't complete it and am then not successful in the ballot. So this year I will submit the application. Fingers crossed I am able to run again by then.

10. Cook 2 recipes from all my cook books

This seemed quite easy to begin with. I need to extend my repertoire of recipes and I have lots of cook books. Only problem is I didn't realise how many. So far I have counted 35. So 70 recipes to be cook. Andy has offered to assist by eating whatever I cook.

11. Learn how to use a sewing machine and make at least one item

I have wanted to learn for a while now but have never found the time to get round to it. Increasingly I get annoyed when I cannot find clothes I like so realistically I should make my own. Once I know how to use the machine hopefully this is something I can do.

12. Spend Christmas in Australia with my Dad and Andy

Dad often spends Christmas in Australia and this year I would quite like to spend it out there with him. Fingers crossed as that is very dependent on completing Aim 2 and Aim 5.

Not massively challenging but I always read that you should start small and move on to bigger things later. Hopefully this will mean I will complete all 12 of these aims by 2012. After all, I will be 30 this year - an adult and therefore old enough to stop saying things and actually doing them instead!


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