What became of the 2009 New Year Challenges

Hello Again. You must be feeling spoilt with all these updates!

Back in 2009 when I was last blogging on a regular basis, I set myself 10 challenges for the year ahead. Up until May I was doing a good job of letting you all know how I was getting on.

So what became of the challenges? Did I manage to complete any of them?

1. January Detox - This was completed although it was harder than it had been in previous years.

2. Sweet Detox - Having completed a month off the sugar in 2007 I thought 3 months would be more of a challenge. It it hard to avoid sugar completely as it is in so many things that we eat and drink and natural foods can have just as much sugar as processed ones. Smoothies are a great example of natural vs processed. However, after a shaky start to the detox in January which was eventually abandoned I managed to complete three months off the sugar and celebrated once I arrived in Majorca with Tadders. Ice Cream rocks.

3. Weight Challenge - The aim was to get down to 61kg and at the last time of writing I was down to 62.4kg. I did eventually get down to 61kg over the summer whilst training for a number of events however my weight did start to creep back up again and is currently sitting stedfast at 64kg. So it was achieve but not really stuck too.

4. Debt Challenge - There is good news and bad news with this one. I started the challenge with £13,477.45 of debt. By the end of 2009 I was making a dent however it wasn't really until 2010 when I sold my share in the house that I started to make some serious progress. I am not debt free yet but I am not far off now. My currently debt is around £5,300 and the graduate loan should be gone in the next couple of months.

5. House Challenge - As you know, PM and I split in March 2009. We decided he and his dad would buy me out of the house once the mortgage was up for renewal in February 2010. Once we split up we agreed that I would no longer contribute to any improvements to the house. In November 2009 a floor was finally put down. It did look good when I left and I do miss the house (mainly because my current house is no where near as nice or as warm). I think I'm officially allowed to say that this challenge was rendered void due to my change in marital status!

6. Training Contract - I'll be honest, once my relationship broke down, applying for training contracts was really pushed to the back of my mind. I never completed a single application which I am angry at myself for not doing. This year I am going to do it though. I need to start putting my legal knowledge and industry experience to good use.

7. Blog Updating - well, I well and truly failed this one. I admire anyone who can update regualrly. I tried but I failed - miserably. I think I set the bar to high and therefore from now on I will try and update at least once a week instead. Hopefully that will be more achievable.

8. The list - I'll be honest, I lost track of this one. Needless to say I don't think I achieved it. The cost became a problem and time did as well. I never achieved any of the bonus list points either. I am disappointed in myself and will try harder this year.

9. 10k Challenge - this was completed. I ran two 10Ks in 2009 and both were under an hour. I felt proud. The training paid off.

10. Challenges Challenge - In 2009 I ran the BUPA 10K, the Race for Life 10k, and Run to The Beat half marathon and cycled the London to Brighton route. The Run to the Beat half marathon was the hardest of all of them. I also ran it in 2010 and I haven't recovered from the injuries as yet. I think I might give it a miss in 2011. I'm thinking of doing some more body friendly charity events instead (although I might squeeze a couple of 5K's in there somewhere).

So - mixed results. Here's hoping I can complete this year's New Year Aims.


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