No - It's not some soft swearing. Dryer balls to be exact:

As regular readers will know I suffer a lot with back problems apparently caused by an imbalance in my lower back and leg muscle structure. On Tuesday just gone I was having a particularly bad day and in some incredible pain. No stretches seemed to be working and the pain killers were not strong enough.

My boss is a keen runner and had mentioned rolling a tennis ball under you leg on the hamstring whilst sitting down is an effective way of releasing the tension in your hamstring. I decided to pop across to the 99p shop to see if I could get something. I remembered reading about massage balls in my latest copy of Zest magazine and Andy mentioned dryer balls were similar. I thought if I could get some it would be worth a shot.

So over in the 99p store some dryer balls were found and I used them as described above. Shock and amazement is all I can say! Not only did the pain go but I had more movement on my bad side and was able to do bends and stretches I had found a struggle previously. Tonight after my pilates session I touched my toes with straight legs! I haven't done that in years!

So bad back pain caused by tight muscles? Don't spend a fortune on expensive gadgets - get some dryer balls!


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