New Year Aims for Urban Fox - Update

First and foremost a quick apology. I know there has been no Friday track this week and really sorry for that. I've been away and for some reason I can bring up the blogger site on my iPhone but I can't actually type in the text which is weird.

Oh well - back to the actual post. I completed some aims in the past couple of weeks. Yay!

5. Pay off my Graduate Loan

It has been a long slog but I have finally paid off my loan. This is a major mile stone for me. I now only have my credit card to go. With the loan cleared it frees up some cash to clear the credit card. If I am lucky I might be able to clear my debts by the end of the year.

I have also completed another aim but I will talk about that in a separate post.

Updates on some of the others:

2. Get a New Job

The applications have been sent for a number of roles but only one interview has come from it so far and I didn't make it past the first round sadly. So the search continues.

3. List the pile of
clothes and accessories on my floor on eBay

I am really making progress with this one and now only have five items left to list.

6. Regularly running between 5 and 10k each week

A few weeks ago this was looking promising but a bad turn with my back has seen it set back again. I was starting to get back on the treadmill but a muscle spasm made walking painful and running a no-no. I'm pretty gutted as the recent warm weather has been perfect running conditions.

The lack of exercising ability is also affecting some of the other aims - namely weight loss and applying for the marathon. I have every intention of completing my application (although the ballot closed before I could make an application) but if I am in no fit state to run I feel bad about applying for a place I might not be able to take. As I have missed the ballot and closing deadlines for Cancer Research are not until the end of August I have some time to assess if I could run the marathon next year should I get a place with Cancer Research. If not I will be going for a place in 2013.

That is most of the significant updates for now. I have an update on the party which I will post soon.


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