Am I the Only One...

...who finds it hard to stick to a daily calorie intake?

Given the startling numbers being diagnosed as obese I would probably say no. But why it is so hard?

I am a calorie counter and when as I am at the moment, in weightloss mode, I can become quite obsessed. I know what foods are good and I know what foods are bad. I make most of my own lunches and dinners in order to control portion sizes and what my food is cooked in but what happens when I eat out?

It can bring me out in cold sweats and panic attacks - what if there isn't a healthy option? How big are the portion sizes? I'm eating out again in the evening what should I have for lunch to counter it?

It's a dilemma I am finding myself in today. Tonight I am off bowling and food is included in the deal (not great food I add - typical fast food fare hence the need for a healthy lunch). It's a colleagues birthday and after much deliberation the floor decided on the local Japanese/Chinese restaurant.

Normally I wouldn't mind - just have something small off the menu and be done with it. Except this place has a lunch menu and the portion sizes are enough to feed a family of three. As I am not one to waste food I hate leaving food on my plate and also if I have paid for it why should I throw it away. It's not massively cheap (£6.50). So what to do?

I had opted for Pizza Express as although slightly more expensive I know they do pizzas for under 500 calories and most of the rest of their menu has calorie information. Other chains have recently followed suit and more and more places now can give you a rough idea of what the calorie content is or let you know what the healthy option is.

But even following what you instinctively think is healthy can see you adding up the calories. Salad is a major culprit. Salad is great. Dressing however can see the calories pile up. And even vegetarian fare can be bad if excess salt is added to enhance flavour.

Even if you do go for the healthy option - so grilled chicken instead of breaded/fried, ramen instead or noodles - you can still be racking up calories on portion sizes alone.

A slight rant - for which I apologise. Perhaps being money conscious and healthy don't go together!


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