Friday Track

Woo Hoo! I'm actually bringing you a Friday track on a Friday! How good am I?!

This week I have mostly been listening to radio shows, scouring them for new music as to be honest release schedules are looking a bit disappointing on the rock side at the moment. I normally listen to the Rock Show with Daniel P Carter on Radio 1 for my fix of new stuff (I found out about Hyro Da Hero that way and a few other bands) but this week I decided to go back to my roots (ah Roots - a fantastic [spunge] song) and check out the Punk Show with Mike Davis. Such a trip down memory lane.

He was announcing the Lock Stage line up for Reading and Leeds. It reminds me of 2006 when I went and saw Capdown, Flogging Molly and Reel Big Fish. It looks like it will be a good one if you are going!

But one track played seem to fit it with it being Friday and the sun shining in London Town so this weeks summer sunshine track is Bedouin Soundclash 'When the Night Feels My Song':

Apologies for the video but I cannot find the official video and the only half interesting looking video doesn't allow for embedding in other media. Boo! :(


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