Friday Track

*Warning - this week's track includes naughty words and scenes of a violent nature!*

Since hearing it on Daniel P Carter's Rock Show I cannot stop listening to this track. It mixes two loves for me - rock and dirty dance beats (yes - I do still have an affinity for dance music). I'm not a massive fan of the band per se apart from their cover of Cameo's 'Word Up' but I cannot get this song out of my head!

Now, again I have not been able to find an official video (bands - if you release a track be kind and put a video on You Tube too). So this week I have two videos of the same song - the official music only still and one to please the lads with women dressed as the vixens from Mortal Kombat (ah - Mortal Kombat! I remember the days of wasting time after school in the indoor market in Bexleyheath where Primark now stands playing said game and trying to learn each characters death move which meant your opponent met a gruesome end).

So this week's Friday Track is Korn feat. Skrillex - 'Get Up'

UPDATE - Korn have now released an official video through Road Runner Records. It's not massively exciting but at least you will now have something to look at!


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