New Year Aims for Urban Fox - No.4 - Dude Looks Like I'm 30

As I stated in the last Aim update I had completed another one of my aims in April.

4. Throw an Awesome 30th Birthday Party

Now, without being big headed I am quite renowned for my parties - there was the 19th Birthday party where Tadders and I passed out after drinking sambucca through straws up our nose (seriously do not recommend!) and the party finished at 7am when I regained consciousness, the leaving party for when I went to uni that saw everyone dress up and have a blast, the 21st birthday party which had lots of dancing and awesome cake, and numerous BBQ's (where it generally rained) with plenty of good times either Wii related or jagermeister related.

But it had been a long time since I had thrown a big party and being 30 seemed like a great excuse to do so.

So after a drink with Andy in the Jungle bar in Lanzarote with the slogan 'Welcome to the Jungle' the concept of an 80's party was born and once we had mentioned it to Ash, Dude Look Like I'm 30 was born!

The concept was simple - I was born in the 80's and I love rock music so 80's rock it was. Dress code - 80's rock or at the very least an 80's band t-shirt.

The venue for the night was The Miller in Borough. A great venue it has to be said and it was free which was even better. The guys there were fab and were very kind to answer the endless questions I had for them.

So what of the night? It was amazing and everyone had a fab time. But the best way to describe it's awesomeness is through pictures so here you are (massive thanks to my friend Chantel for taking the majority of my photos for the night)!

So recipe for a successful party? Inflatable instruments, glow sticks and lots of people unashamed of dressing up and a great DJ!

Thank you to everyone who was there, Andy and Sarah for helping me organise and set up, and the people at the Miller for allowing me to hold the party there.

And lastly MASSIVE THANKS to Ash Bird who DJ'd all night and kept the party goers on the dance floor. Without you I couldn't have achieved this aim!


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