Friday Track

It's that time again! Again I am struggling for videos (either I am choosing songs too far in their infancy or artists just don't think music videos are as important as they were in the heyday of MTV).

Alas, I could go on but let's stick with positives. It's Friday after all.

Last weekend I had a bit of a CD buying (yes I am still old skool) frenzy. This was in part due to the fact HMV had a sale on and I picked up a few titles for £3, and because suddenly a number of really, really good albums have started to come out. Andy picked up a few that are definite contenders for the 2011 Top Ten Albums list.

Now due to hard drive space issues I haven't had a chance to put mine on my iPod so instead this week I will assault your ears with a track from the forthcoming album 'David Comes To Life' which I am looking forward to being released later this month.

Again no official video so only an audio track this week. So, this week's track is by F****d Up - The Other Shoe:


  1. Richard at Speegra4:55 pm

    nice quiet ballad for the weekend - I don't think so


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