Friday Track

It's Friday!! Yay. Shame the weather is not as great as last week.

This week I have a guest picker for the Friday Track. As it is my little brother's birthday this weekend he has selected this week's track:

So - in his words why he choose this song:

"I chose this video because of all the music I have listened too, no band has stayed with me as much as Radiohead and no other band has soundtracked the best times of my life so consistently. I remember buying OK Computer in a 2 for £22 deal with Be Here Now by Oasis (which, I admit, was my main purchase for that day) at Menzies in my local town centre just on the basis of the wonderful video to Paranoid Android (yet another side note, I used to watch the cartoon that Paranoid Android was based on on Channel 4 late at night...if anyone can remember what it is called I'd much appreciate the answer). Suffice to say one of those albums has not been played for over 10 years.

I remember buying The Bends in HMV in Liverpool during a secondary school rugby tour after watching a storming version of The Bends on Jools Holland, and getting Kid A on the first day of Uni and being delighted when the staff at MVC (I think) showed us the hidden booklet underneath the CD. I remember going to see them before they launched Hail To The Thief at the Manchester Apollo and seeing one of the gigs of my life (I think there were 3 standing ovations for Fake Plastic Trees alone). And I still remember the giddy excitement I got when they just announced their last album was done and you could get it at the end of the week.

And this brings me on to Lotus Flower. Radiohead remain one of the biggest rock bands in the world, but they do not suffer under the influence of their predecessors. They are not the new Nirvana, or the new Led Zepplin, or the new Stones or even the new Beatles; in the end they are only Radiohead (and now for the hyperbole), the band that best represent the possibilities of modern music. Upon seeing them live you are as likely to hear music that has been compared to U2 as you are music that has been compared to Aphex Twin and Autechre and you will almost certainly hear this song; one of the best intros in the past decade followed by some wonderful dubsteppy mirco-beats and a gorgeous, yearning melody. And most important of all, a man in his mid-40s, wearing a bowler hat, dancing (beautifully) like a loon."

Annoyingly since I asked David to do this for me, Radiohead have prevented people embedding the video. Grrr. So this week there will be a link which hopefully you can link to with no problems:

Radiohead - Lotus Flower


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