Friday Track

The weekend just gone saw the start of the UK festival season. This year after much deliberation, Andy and I opted not to go to Download. It was tough but the line up, although amazing in places, just wasn't good enough to entice up to Donnington for the whole weekend.

I am slightly gutted now after hearing the highlights and remembering what a great time we had last time but given the weather I'm glad I stayed south and indoors!

There was one act though I would have braved the rain for and listening to the highlights I forgot just how good they are live. I haven't seen them live since 2005 and they have been on hiatus since 2006. I only hope new material and a full tour will be on it's way soon.

In the meantime please enjoy my favourite track of their's which you cannot help but sing along to and headbang (as I have done on numerous occasions most recently at a friend's wedding).

So this week's track is System of a Down - Chop Suey!


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