Job Hunting Update

Now I know, I don't mind blogging about it. I had an interview recently for a job. Sadly I was unsuccessful.

Getting the right balance in interviews does seem to be something I struggle with. Annoyingly I never seem to be able to put myself across as well in interviews as I come across in day to day dealings in my role.

It's rather annoying but I did get some feedback and getting something constructive is always better than a brush off.

For Aim 2 so far then - it's been 4 job applications, 2 interviews, no job offers. In the current climate that isn't too bad. Ideally I am going for positions at a higher level to what I do now which sadly are few and far between and when they do come up the competition is fierce.

As the job hunting goes - the CV is looking good, I seem to be getting the hang of cover letters. I now just have to perfect my interview technique. Easier said than done as nerves often get the better of me. Sales has never been my strong point so therefore trying to sell myself in an interview has never come easily.

Next steps - well, back to the drawing board (or jobs board to be more precise) and try to practice interviewing techniques. Hopefully I can get the balance right next time.


  1. Hey Urban Fox,

    It's a tough business, interviewing.

    Sounds like the CV is spot on if you're getting interviews.

    I can recommend two great books which have helped me get job offers in the past:

    They've both got great answers to tough interview questions and helped to create my own answers with a solid structure.

    Good luck!


  2. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Sounds like you got it together with your application process. When it comes to interviews it's all about confidence.

    Someone once told me "the difference between fear and anxiety is just how you feel in your heart" If your scared you will fail but if your excited it will help.

    Also when you go for an interview it is just as much you interviewing them to see if their company is good enough for you. Don't be shy to be cocky. Ask them questions and try to steal the interview from them, it's a sneaky technique but I find highly successful.

    Feel free to hook up on FB and I'll go into more depth on it.

    Your faithful know it all,

    Chris Tull.


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