Friday Track

Happy Friday one and all. I wish the weather was as good as last week!

As it was Andy's birthday this week I have handed the Friday Track reins to him for one week only - and he has done me proud.

So here is Andy to explain this week's choice of song:

I don’t have time to write a full explanation but headlines are:

It was my birthday this week !!!
We saw Foo Fighters at Milton Keynes Bowl at the weekend which was amazing and got very drunk.
Been a Foo's fan for a long time, saw them play their first ever UK Festival at Reading 95 in a crazy Melody Maker tent set.
I have a passing resemblance (so I am told) to Dave G (NB - This is true and at the above gig at the weekend a group of lads mobbed us for photos with 'Dave'!).
The video is great fun. Typical Foo's style and is also based on one of my all time favourite films, Falling Down (starring Michael Douglas playing a man pushed over the edge with sometimes amusing but ultimately tragic results).

So I present to you this week's track - Foo Fighters 'Walk'


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