Friday Track

Before you ask - I didn't forget last week's post. A trip to Dublin and the inability to post from an iPhone even when free wifi was found rendered posting a Friday Track impossible and the day before I left was it's usual manic self with seriously busy work stuff during the day and a staff do in the evening.

To make up for it this week I will delight your ears with TWO tracks. The other reason I am giving you two tracks is after saying how great one of the band was to our Irish friends and how they were a great band from Ireland and even though they were punk they were not like Dropkick Murphys I realised earlier today that they are actually from California and the lead singer who I met briefly at the Reading festival in 2006 is the only member from Ireland (phew - must remember to use full stops more!).

So the first band - the actual Irish band - I have picked for two reasons: 1. Andy loves them and has been asking me to feature them as a Friday track for a while and 2. they are performing in a record store that we actually visited when we were in Dublin.

The first track this week is Adebisi Shank - International Dreambeat filmed live at Tower Records, Wicklow Street, Dublin

They are not a massively know band at the moment but for anyone who is interested they are signed to the Sargent House label in America and Richter Collective in Ireland. For me they fall into the Mathcore bracket although I wouldn't say they are as heavy as favs of mine Dillinger Escape Plan or Rolo Tamassi.

Onto the next track. I love this band and was so convinced until 10 minutes ago that they were actually a band Ireland should be proud of, I feel a bit daft and hope our hosts never google it! Second Friday track therefore is Flogging Molly - Seven Deadly Sins


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