Mega BUSY!

Normally I have time to breathe during the week and try and update the blog with things I hope people might find interesting. For the past month or so my weekdays have been as hectic as my weekends!

I'm never normally one to complain about a packed social calendar - who would? But when your bedroom starts to feel more like a hotel room and your to-do list starts getting longer and longer with no prospect of being completed anytime soon, you do start to long for a couple of free evenings/weekends.

Alas, the time for rest is coming but not just yet. I have a sort of free evening tonight (although I am trying to watch all the Harry Potter films before seeing Deathly Hallows Part 2 next week - sadly previously I have only ever seen bits of films rather than in their entirety) so may try to put some posts up with tales of recent fun stuff.

In the meantime here are some funny cats to amuse you:


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