Friday Track

Apologies for no track last week. I was in the depths of Devon on a yoga retreat (more soon) where phone signals was scarce and 3G non-existent.

I have held my tongue this week and waiting until now to comment on the weeks events which has been difficult whilst watching my beloved city ravaged by idiots.

The town I call home, Woolwich wasn't one of the worst areas hit in the London Riots but to see footage and pictures of my beloved old local being destroyed by flames upset me greatly. Darryl over at 853 perfectly described the destruction in Woolwich as 'kicking a drunk man when he's just staggering back to his feet again.'

Woolwich in particular has finally started to see the benefit of regeneration in the Royal Arsenal and the extension of the DLR service to the centre but I couldn't help but feel all the good work had been set back years. So many people I know either a) don't know where Woolwich is or b) know of it and think it is awful! I hardly think Monday's actions are going to do it any favours.

My only hope is like all the other properties damaged in the riots, it can be rebuilt and again provide jobs for locals. And in the other areas I hope people's homes can be rebuilt even quicker!

Trying to pick a song for today has been really tough. It's easy to pick a number of tracks for their association with riot but I more wanted to reflect the resilient nature of Londoners. It doesn't matter if it's the IRA, Al Qaeda or young people hell bent on causing destruction in their own communities, no matter what happens - if we get knocked down, we get up again!


  1. Good song, and you're right, London is amazing at bouncing back.


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