New Year Updates

I promise there is a blog post coming that does update on what I have been up to in the past few months.

It's been incredibly busy and this weekend will be no different. But on the horizon is a bank holiday weekend which due to a cancellation is now completely free! I aim to keep it that way or at least only fill it with something casual such as a riverside walk (weather permitting).

So - the New Year Aims look like this at the moment:

1. Loose half a stone or get down to 61kg
2. Get a New Job
3. List the pile of clothes and accessories on my floor on eBay
4. Throw an awesome 30th Birthday party
5. Pay off my Graduate Loan
6. Regularly running between 5k and 10k a week
7. Learn to knit and knit my other half a scarf
8. Save up enough for a holiday
9. Complete an application and the London Marathon for Cancer Research
10. Cook two recipes from all my cook books
11. Learn how to use a sewing machine and make at least one item
12. Spend Christmas in Australia with my Dad and Andy

Realising now that I have only completed three aims is a bit of a bummer. 1 is proving harder than anticipated, 2 is a nightmare but I am still sending out applications and being put forward for things by the job agency, 6 is now in progress but every time I get back to running my back or hip start playing up, 7 will be starting hopefully in a few weeks time as will 11 when I pick up the sewing machine from Mum, 8 is in progress - money is there just need to book something (so I guess in effect I have actually completed that one), 9 is also in progress and the form is now half completed, 10 is still in progress but I have a lot of books to work my way through, and 12 is having a rethink. I really want to spend Christmas in Australia but I am also conscious it will be Andy's nephew's first Christmas and first birthday early in the new year so we need to discuss that one further and perhaps modify it slightly.

Not great progress but progress none the less!


  1. Sounds like you are making progress on several of them. I may have to steal your cook book idea, I have far to many that I don't use!


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