Friday Track

Another guest spot this week.

Wednesday saw my best friend Tadders, pictured above on the wall of shame at the Great British Beer Festival this year after failing to score on the roll the barrel pub game, turned 29. Therefore this week she has picked the Friday track. Here is why she picked it:

"This is James Morrison and an amazing beat boxer called Shlomo, recorded at BBC Radio 1’s “Fun & Filth Cabaret” tour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year. James is singing stories from “real life” magazines such as “a poltergeist in my house made my lover gay” and the like. I laughed so much at this when I watched it on TV. I’ve always wanted to visit the Edinburgh Festival, and be able to watch a weeks worth of the performers on TV has made me want to go even more. So next year, I aim to go as part of my 30th Birthday celebrations."


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