One day I will sleep!

So - the wish of sleep and ability to do stuff is still not coming to fruition. Grr.

But maybe that is a little harsh - I have done some stuff, just not as much as I would have liked.

My weekdays continue to be as full as the weekends although last weekend and the two coming are quiet in comparison to those before it!

Now Andy has a computer that works and doesn't take a day to start, weekend blogging can now resume which is a bonus! Who knows - I might even finally post the post on what I have been up to this summer!

Before I get ahead of myself I managed to fully complete another aim last week:

8. Save up for a holiday.

We are off to Corfu! I can't wait. I need a holiday as does Andy.

In other aim news - I am now down to 63kg which is a slight improvement. The weather has impeded my cycling ability over the past few weeks. It might be colder now but if the rain holds off I will be happy (it's not that I don't like cycling in the rain - I just don't have any water proof gear to keep me vaguely dry).

I have been incorporating some yoga moves into my morning routine in order to really stretch out my hamstrings. It seems to be working - I can now just touch my toes whereas 2 weeks ago I couldn't even get my body into a right angle - small progress is good progress. I am planning some light running training over the weekend and by the 16th I will know if my Marathon application has been successful. If it is I will really have to get my backside in gear! At the moment I cannot run 5K let alone 26.2 miles!

I've also been looking into sewing courses with the local council. I won't be able to start any of the full courses this side of Christmas but I will hopefully start one in the new year.

So apart from running and weight loss, knitting is next on my hit list. I may take my knitting needles on holiday with me (if anyone knows if they are a banned item for the purpose of flying please let me know! I'm not sure I can do much damage with a pair of 4's but you never know).

Oh, and as an aside, I have been in the kitchen a lot lately working through my cook books. I need to work out which ones I need to use still. I think there may be a few!


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