Is it nearly Christmas already?

Oops. So it's nearly December and the last time I updated was back in September. September! Where has the time gone?

But I have been incredibly busy - both at work and outside of work.

A quick New Year Aim Update:

1. Loose half a stone or get down to 61kg
2. Get a New Job
3. List the pile of clothes and accessories on my floor on eBay
4. Throw an awesome 30th Birthday party
5. Pay off my Graduate Loan
6. Regularly running between 5k and 10k a week
7. Learn to knit and knit my other half a scarf
8. Save up enough for a holiday
9. Complete an application and the London Marathon for Cancer Research
10. Cook two recipes from all my cook books
11. Learn how to use a sewing machine and make at least one item
12. Spend Christmas in Australia with my Dad and Andy

A few more off the list now.

On coming back from holiday I had the second part of an interview for a position I had applied for internally and by the second day back I had been successful and started my new job the day after. It's a massive step up and I have been exceptionally busy as a result. I've often been working 10 hours days but I LOVE IT! I've moved into Project Management and never realised how much I loved it. It's only a secondment but it is making me reconsider my future career path.

I've started running in the evenings again and although I am no where near running half marathons or 10k in one go, I have done a couple of 5K's and have at least been running a fair distance each week. So far no back issues so fingers crossed it continues!

I've learnt to knit, well the basics anyway, and the scarf is a work in progress at present or more to the point, I need to get some nice wool to make it.

So the ones that I haven't completed:

My love hate relationship with food continues and rather than losing weight I have been gaining it which has annoyed me a lot. Upon getting my new job and realising I need some new smart clothes I also realised I had gone up a dress size. So drastic measures are now in place - no sweets (except those pre-ordered for Christmas meals) until Christmas, no alcohol until the 15th, extra exercise and a strict diet. I only started today so the results are yet to be seen.

I've lost track of what I have cooked and what I haven't now although I have had a good crack at all the cook books. I doubt I will accomplish this before the New Year but I am pleased I have been trying new things.

Although I haven't spent any time on a sewing machine as yet I have purchased a voucher from KGB deals for a basic course in how to use and operate a sewing machine. It's a start at least!

Number 12 is defunct on account of the fact my Dad isn't going to Australia.

So busy times!

I know I haven't done a Friday track in a while but have to admit some of this is down to not coming across tracks that I think have been worth sharing. I am keeping an ear out and when something cool hits my radar I will let you know.

I will desperately try to do a photo update of what the summer and autumn have been about for us soon.


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