The albums that didn't make the Top Ten

I bought more new albums than normal this year and as a result ended up with a quandary as to what albums to put in my Top Ten this year. After a year of minimal gig action it is easy enough to think this years music offering were just as sparse. But this year has spawned some of my favourite albums ever, something that was reflected in my difficulty to pick five older albums I have been listening to this year. I haven't bought or listened to much back catalogue this year instead it has been all about the new releases.

Alas, with such a glut of decent offerings at my disposal this year (and this was just the albums I bought - I discounted all albums listened to on Spotify this year)there were those who missed out on a Top Ten finish  

Sucker Punch OST - Various

Great little album with some amazing covers. But I am a slight purist and do not like to add compilations into my Top Ten, therefore this one finishes out the Top Ten.


Edge of Earth - Sylosis

A brilliant metal album but misses out on a Top Ten finish due to the number of tracks on the album that fade out. Fade outs are a pet hate for me. I feel bands just cannot thinking of an ending so fade out as a bit of a cop out. It's a shame as this is a good album.


Tighter - MSI

I love MSI but I didn't love this album as much as "You'll Rebel to Everything" and "If". Without a stand out track for me it failed to grab me enough for a place in the Top Ten.


Weightless - Animals as Leaders

I love this instrumental number but again it wasn't an album that grabbed me enough for the Top Ten. I missed these guys when I went to see Deftones as they were the first support band. Hopefully I will get to see them in 2012.


Gravitas - Furyon

Technically this was released in 2010 but this year was re-released as a covermount on the December issue of Metal Hammer. This album should be in the Top Ten but the absence of Disappear Again by far my favourite track left it just outside.

So they are the ones that didn't make it and from tomorrow you can see what did.


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