Friday Track

Continuing with the Christmas theme, this week it's a time for reflection and an opportunity to think of those less fortunate at this time of year.

I was only 3 years old when this came out but I vividly remember watching a taped version of the Live Aid event. In 2005 I was fortunate enough to get tickets to Live 8. It never stops shocking me the poverty experienced in some third world countries especially when I see how easy it is for us to have whatever we want and need at our finger tips.

I'm not about to shout "Gimme your F-ing Money" but what I would say is, at Christmas, a notorious time of excess, please remember those who are not so fortunate to partake in the traditional Christmas dinner - from the homeless in the UK to those in war torn countries. And if you are able to give a little to a charity helping those less fortunate this Christmas, please do.

This week's Friday Track - Band Aid - Do they know it's Christmas.


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