Top Ten Albums 2011 - No.10

Thrice - Major/Minor
I love Thrice. They have had some amazing albums over the past decade or so. Admittedly I was late to the party and only got into them just before Beggars was released but exploring their back catalogue has been fantastic.

This album is good but it hasn't got the hook of some of the earlier albums. There are some fantastic tracks such as Yellow Belly below but it lacks something for me that prevents it propelling itself further up the list.

Sadly though this is likely to be the last album from Thrice as they are now on "indefinite hiatus" or in my eyes, the cool way to break up a band (don't tell fans it's over but allow them to cling onto that possibility you might get back together - it did happen with Blink 182 I guess).

Now onto my favourite track from the album - Yellow Belly. Enjoy.


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