Cycling - two birds with one stone?

It's a New Year and further to purchasing a proper cycling jacket in the winter sales I promised myself I would start cycling to work again.

Surprisingly there have been loads of cyclists taking to the roads this January. It could be the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing, it could be the drive to get fit in the new year or it could be that the cost of travel in London now is so bonkers (thanks Boris!) that more people are taking to two wheels to get about.

Either way, the roads are busy! Sadly every day this week and most of last week too, I have heard of someone on their bike being hit. A friend of mine was almost flattened by a van on Monday. Thankfully he is ok. His bike isn't but at least it is fixable. After being in Copenhagen last week, it makes me sad how behind we seem to be when it comes to cycling. I could write a very long post on the pitfalls and dangers of cycling in London but I shan't bore you with it now.

Why was I writing this post again? Oh yeah. Back to Boris and his fare hike. Two of my New Year aims are: 1. Get down to 61kgs and 5. Get Debt Free.

The fare hikes in January have hit most Londoners hard. I wouldn't say I have been hit hard as such but after using only public transport in November and December I've realised just what a drain it is on my wallet.

So step up my trusty bicycle. Today I have been looking at how much money I can save cycling to work. Let's take the past two days as examples. Yesterday if I had got the tube to our central London office it would have cost me £5.40 in total (two peak journeys at £2.70. Last year would have been £2.50 each way). Today if I had got the train to work it would have cost £4 (two peak journeys at £2. Last year would have been £1.90 each way). So in two days I have saved £9.40. That a few drinks down the pub!

If I cycle, lets say 4 times a week (Fridays is pub day) and only go to Streatham, not central London, that's £16 a week. Over four weeks that is £64. That is the cost of my jacket back in 4 weeks!

Savings like that will well and truly help me get debt free and work hard at that aim and as I will be doing lots of cycling, if it doesn't help me loose weight, I'm doing something wrong. Two birds, one stone. Result!

On the cash side, at the end of each week, whatever I have saved I am transferring to my savings account and eventually will use the money to clear my debt. Sorted.

So fellow Londoners, if you want to save some cash and get fit doing it, I highly recommend taking to two wheels.


  1. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Am impressed BUT I've got to say rather you than me!

    D xxx

  2. Go Carys! Keep it up and stay safe x


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