Urban Fox New Year Aims 2012

Happy New Year all. I hope so far 2012 is being kind. Shame about the weather.

Like last year I wanted to set myself some New Year Aims in a bid to set myself some targets for the new year that I might actually achieve. I have carried over some from last year but I also have some new ones for 2012.

They are fairly in-keeping with last year, things I have wanted to do for some time or things that I want to do to better myself. And this year I have turned to my twitter and blog followers for some help in deciding what to do.

1. Get down to 61kgs
Ok so this is one that I carried over from last year. I failed miserably and was so annoyed at myself. Andy and I have made a pact to go to the gym more often and cut down on the drinking (hopefully that will save some monetary pounds as well which will be helpful to another aim). My starting weight is just under 65kgs which means I need to loose the equivalent of 4 bags of sugar to reach my goal. Wow - that is a lot when you think about it like that!

2. Learn to Sew
Another carried over from last year. Although I didn't complete this last year I did purchase a voucher for a basic sewing course and this year I will be doing it.

3. Cook a Recipe from all of my cook books
This is a slightly amended one from last year. I tried to cook two recipes from each of my books last year but realised that it would mean cooking two a week which although would be fun does become hard when you have some much else on. After receiving a few more books for Christmas I wanted to continue to make the most of the books but at least use all of them once.

4. Give Blood
This was part of my 28 list but also an idea put forward by my good friend Tadders. The thought terrifies me but I know how import it would be to do it so why not. If I can help one person I should.

5. Get Debt Free
I am really close on completing this but it will still require some work. I have more items on my floor for eBay and will be looking to sell them once the sales have ended and people turn back to the internet for bargains.

6. Complete the PRINCE2 Qualification
As I am now working in Project Management and realising how much I am enjoying it, I feels like a good time to do a project management qualification. Hopefully I will be starting this early in the year.

7. Learn a Language and be able to have a simple conversation
This one comes courtesy of @The_Thismeister aka Andy's sister. I'm always annoyed that I cannot even have a basic conversation in another language. I'm keen to address this as part of my aims. And it will be a new language rather than just a refresher of my French (although I might do that as well).

8. Read all of the books on my bookshelf that I have not yet completed or read
I have a number of books that I have never got round to reading. I want to address that this year and read everything on my shelf that I haven't read. I'm starting with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which I started in Corfu but didn't pick up again once I was back.

9. Get my best friend a lovely boyfriend
A bit of an odd one I guess but my best friend has been single for a while and I, and no one else I know can understand why. So this year I want to do what I can to help her out - girls nights, introductions, whatever really that may help her find someone who can make her as happy as I am with Andy.

10. Bake cakes and learn how to decorate them
I love making cakes but decorating is a skill that I am yet to perfect. I would love to be able to make awesomely decorated birthday cakes so this year I will perfect decorating.

11. Complete 2 charity runs and a charity cycle ride
I missed running for charity last year. It gives me something to focus on and aim for when going to the gym or doing any running. I love cycling and really want to do London to Brighton again. This year I hope I can do it with some friends too.

12. Do something new for Charity
This comes courtesy of @Themgrahame on Twitter. Admittedly he also added "and raise £5k" but I like to be realistic in my aim and as much as I would love to raise £5k for charity I somehow doubt I know enough people to raise that much. But should I find something new I would like to raise at least £1k. Now to think about what to do. I'm thinking at the moment that the Lakes might feature. Hmmm.

So there you have it. 2012's aims. All very doable and I hope this year I can complete all my aims and not have any to carry over to 2013.


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